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Easy-Peasy Roasted Cauliflower Salad (vegan)


March 1, 2013 by admin

Roasted Cauliflower Salad

When I roasted cauliflower I feel like I did something special, because roasting cauliflower transforms the taste resembling nothing like it’s raw form. However, all the honor belongs to the cauliflower because all you have to do is: cut, lightly coat with olive oil and season — easy-peasy!

raw cauliflower

Get Your Pancake On!


February 23, 2013 by admin


I prefer a savory breakfast. My resistance to a sweet breakfast is that a typical sweet breakfast, such as pancakes, are full of empty calories. However, I designed this recipe with hemp seed, flax seed meal, zero refined sugar, and a butter alternative which releases all resistance.

There are five elements to the recipe, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Maybe just start with one component that appeals to you, and try it the next time you are making pancakes. Looking for a healthy alternative to syrup or butter? Or wanting a healthy pancake batter? Check out the recipes!


Arugula Pesto Recipe


January 29, 2013 by admin


Pesto is versatile. Not only can the application go beyond pasta, but the main ingredient: basil, doesn’t always have to be in the spotlight.  Have you ever tried arugula pesto?

Here are three reasons you should make arugula pesto:

1. When you have arugula that isn’t crisp enough for a salad, yet still edible it’s perfect for pesto.

2. Arugula is less expensive than basil, especially in basil’s off season (winter months).

3. It’s got pep. Arugula has the ability to brighten any plate of food with its spicy earthy flavor. P-E-P, pep, delicious pep.

arugula pesto

The recipe is directed for using a blender. However, a food processor or mortar and pestle would work great to bring the ingredients together.